Said George


Letters of Dissension

May 1974

Fate is a Fickle woman (.. and none can be a more true statement!)

Living in Germany in an entirely different
            experience. For a start, most Germans
            speak only German. Another is that German
            Society tends to be more rigid and single-minded than ‘Old Glory’

But after all is said and done, it’s just another portion of the
            never ending rolling film of Illusion. Not an iota more
            stimulating, creative, free, liberating or satisfying than any other
            spot in the Cosmos!

                        Always bringing me back to the
                        reality of the Inward Journey!

Where now on my Magic carpet ride? What world of fantasia next?
My only ally nature and the occasional abandonment found in the crotch
of some feline woman.

            India, Israel, Sweden, Denmark,
            Morocco, Kenya, Seychelles Islands,
            Colombia, Peru, ...............
Names – strange sounds, smells, sights.
Detachment through forced unfamiliarity leaving one to cope with
fundamental needs and pleasures
High and Dry in the Present –no Past { .. a pleasing Illusion}
(The previous was a statement made by a tired Homo–Sapien)

So how’s everything down there in Coon-Ass country? {Louisiana}
I hope that everything’s going alright. So now I hear that Old Tricky
Dick has been ousted. Now everyone can be happy –
their new El Presidente is General Ford ( I mean Gerald Ford, sorry!)
and they’re even thinking of putting good ol’ Rockefeller in the
number 2 box.

Thank God, America is saved!!!
Between Ford Motor Company and Chase Manhattan Bank the
American Dream Machine can be saved!!!!

            America is Constipated
            A shocking Depression
            may prove a proper enema
            ...... but maybe not

            OUT OF THE SHIT!!!!!

I may be on the move again. A good Dutch friend of mine has a
farm in Holland, I may spend some time there. Then again I’ve
been in contact with Annette (the zany Swedish girl whom I’d sent
you a picture of). She says that she’s gathered a small fortune
(1000 dollars) and wishes to sojourn the winter in some cheap sunny
existence, shared with me.

But then again, as of late I’ve been feeling the rust of time in my joints
and may choose to just stay put. A German Winter, living a hum-drum
German life (excluding my bravo Jesus work amongst the sinners).
Oh indecision! I tire of the games, most of all the one I call myself.
Not that I’ve come to dislike myself in any Freudian sense, but I tire
of Humanity, with myself (as is the case with all individuals) playing the
central character.

But the game must go on – so chin up and all that rot!
Oh well, I’m going to cut this letter.

Take care, I’ll Keep in Touch

Anecdote: Somehow this letter never made it to the Post Office.
I even forgot what was in the envelope. I’m in Tehran, Iran with
Annette (the girl in the photo). I’m on my way back to India. I
may spend some time in Afghanistan before going on to India.
Sorry for not posting this letter earlier. At this point I plan on
getting back to America in about 1½ years. But who knows – not I,
that’s for sure.
Take Care – Cheerio and all that shit



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